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Secrets of the Lost Tomb

The Greatest Adventure for the Fate of the World!

It has been 113 years, and the Three-Tailed Comet’s flight once again heralds the coming of The Tomb, an ancient and enigmatic necropolis... a vault brimming with a wealth of lost knowledge and magical artifacts only known to myth and legend! Now, members of an esoteric secret society called The Eternal Order of Perseus, set off on an expedition to this Lost Tomb to protect mankind from these secret supernatural powers and ancient evils that, if left to their own devices, will alter the course of Fate itself!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb transports you and up to five other players to experience an expedition through the eyes of a great adventurer ready to brave the depths of the Tomb. Each heroic character with their own talents and special abilities are fully prepared to face the ultimate replayable cooperative experience, where you will work together venturing through 7 immersive cinematic storylines, exploring 52 unique lore-filled rooms where treasures and perils are
around every corner!

You’ll need all of your audacity and fortitude to face the malevolent boss creatures and hoards of their sadistic followers seeking your untimely demise. So grab your hat and whip and prepare to save the world, in the Epic Adventure of a lifetime!

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