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Hey, wait a minute... This isn’t how it was supposed to go! You’re a reasonable person, but you’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things. For you it’s always in the reflexes, but not this time. You lost against Lo Pan and his minions today… but that doesn’t mean you gotta like it! Lo Pan’s plan was successful, he sacrificed Miao Yin and ascended to his true form. But have no fear, Egg has a magical artifact called the Tardisian Hourglass that can transport you and your friends through time to stop him once and for all!

The Legacy of Lo Pan expansion increases the player count to up to 6 players, who can now embark on an Epic adventure in the core game as well as experience the all-new campaign quest book! You and your pals will play through the new time travel story campaign as you race through time to get all new special rewards to use in the new final showdown to defeat Lo Pan.



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Legacy of Lo Pan expansion changes how you play the game by replacing the Big Trouble track with the Timeline track. Players will use the new 39 page campaign mission book to set up each mission and to spawn enemies. The campaign

unfolds as one continuous story, but you can't experience all of it in one playthrough.  Time will run out sending you to different places on the timeline each time you play! 

This whole new story takes the characters you love from the film on a new adventure, with plenty of humor, fantasy and kung-fu action you would expect from Big Trouble in Little China.

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