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About “The Librarians: Adventure Card Game”


"The Librarians: Adventure Card Game" is currently in its final development phases and is the passion project of game designer Brett Schofield and publisher Everything Epic. The game originated from the designer’s love of cooperative story-driven card games and the magical adventures of the Library!

How does it Play?

The Librarians: Adventure Card Game is a fully cooperative experience in which 1-4 players take the role of a Librarian or one of their allies, each of whom has unique strengths and weaknesses that lend themselves to different playstyles. These characters come with a premade deck of cards that represent their knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Between character selection and deck customization, this family-friendly and accessible game lets you play your favorite character your way.


In this scenario-based game, each session takes you on a new adventure, telling a unique story where you’ll face off against obstacles and enemies from the Librarian mythos. Success requires that you make thoughtful choices: Draw cards or gain the resources needed to play them? Thwart the plans of your enemies or advance your own goals? Actions are resolved by rolling custom dice that take into account your character’s skill and the difficulty of the action. Cards may be discarded to manipulate the dice, giving players significant control over the outcome of their actions.


If the players want to file ‘Evil’ under ‘History’, they’ll need to gather powerful artifacts, enlist the aid of committed sidekicks, and work together as a team to overcome the dangers in their path. Victory will unlock new artifacts and sidekicks that can be brought along into future adventures. A world of magic and adventure awaits you in The Librarians: Adventure Card Game!


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Subscribe for an invite to the Kickstarter on Launch!

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