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How our Fans Make our Games!

We must work together to survive the Metal Dawn.

Back in March of 2016, Everything Epic launched a game known as Agents & Operatives on Kickstarter. Our fans let us know, fair and square, that they were excited for this new experience, but they knew we could do better. As we are “of the gamer, by the gamer, for the gamer”, we took their words to heart and went back to the drawing board.

Agents & Operatives original cover

Our goal was to integrate the unique combination of mechanics into an exciting world of cold war action adventure and retro sci-fi. The new game would require a more digestible scope while allowing room for the colorful dynamic we envisioned. For an optimal Epic experience suited to all types of players, the game evolved into a cooperative-style core game with a Kickstarter-exclusive competitive story extension.

With the help of veteran game designer Steve Avery, the game has be re-designed in the backer-fan’s image. The new configuration opened up gameplay to smaller groups of players – even solo play! – while still allowing for larger groups of enthusiasts. Furthermore, we amplified value for the game while expanding game lore and theme, intensifying component quality, and improving gameplay. With the feedback and support of our Epic Fans, Agents & Operatives has become even more Epic.

Please welcome Metal Dawn.

To the professionals in the world of high-stakes covert intelligence, an AI Controlled Super-Intelligence War Satellite certainly ­seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, Dominus became self-aware and turned on humanity.

Earth’s survival depends on you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Unite with your former enemies, defend mankind against the machines, and take down Dominus before it’s too late. Work together against the drones, exterminators, and cyborgs. Protect each other. Stay one step ahead, or we shall all perish. Use whatever tools you have at your disposal, whatever advantages the landscape offers. Hopefully, with your help, we will collect enough intelligence to deactivate the satellite and destroy the Robot Dominus on Earth in time.

But, Agent, listen closely: once Dominus falls, we must regain control of our planet. Before the dust settles, gather all the resources and weapons you can. Our faction must prevail against the others’. After all, power is safest in our hands, right? So for the greater good of all, we must win the Tech War in the new light of the Metal Dawn.

Only those who answer the call before the Metal Dawn breaks over the horizon will have the chance to continue their fight in the Metal Dawn: Tech War. Your mission begins in April. See you then, Agent!

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