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Big Trouble in Little China the Board Game

We at Everything Epic are teaming up with Boom! Studios and 20th Century Fox to create a Board Game for Big Trouble in Little China! It will be a Cooperative, Thematic, Story-Based, Miniatures Adventure Game featuring all of your favorite heroes from the cult classic including Jack Burton and Egg Shen!

Here's a quick blurb about the game from the Game's Page on our website:

They told you to go to hell… and that’s just where you’re going... Play as Jack Burton or one of his brave friends, on the mysterious quest to rescue the green-eyed beauty, defeat Lo Pan’s ancient magic, and save Chinatown from his evil minions... in Big Trouble in Little China the Game!

The game will feature unique cooperative dice action mechanics, a beautifully designed large-sized, double-sided game board, a richly detailed and elaborate mission-based story that drives players towards upgrading their characters, gaining new abilities, and eventually amassing enough Audacity to face Lo Pan in the Final Showdown that takes place on the back of the game board in his massive lair built beneath the Wing Kong Trading Co. The Final Showdown and the challenges within are influenced by your progress on the Front of the Board in the missions that you complete or fail to complete during the first main part of the game.

Amazing Miniatures of all your favorite characters are lovingly crafted by mega-fans of the film and our goal is to present this game with the care that it deserves making it worthy of the Epicness that lives in our hearts and memories from watching BTILC for all of those years. From the Artwork, to the Components, to the Dice, to the Board and the Minis, Big Trouble in Little China the Game will be an enjoyable cooperative experience for all original fans of the film and tabletop board game fans alike!

Make your own path and influence the outcome of the film, experience new quests and missions, fight Lo Pan's most nefarious henchmen to take him down one mission at a time, building your strength to face off with him and the three storms in the final showdown on their home turf!

Published and funded directly, this game will not be on Kickstarter, however, we will be offering special Pre-Order bonuses and direct incentives to our Epic Fans!

Thank you and stay tuned for more info on Big Trouble in Little China the Game!

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