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Night Falls: the Mega Board Game

Night Falls: the Mega Board Game is a hybrid between a Mega Game and a Board Game!

Night Falls is a vampire-themed game set in a dark gothic city where a war is raging between humans and monster-kind. During this war, all is lost as a seemingly everlasting darkness falls upon the city. 

During this infinite night, vampires and the other creatures of shadow are able to roam free taking what they believe is theirs while the humans war against them and each other. 

Night Falls is a Mega Board Game and is usually played in teams and plays between 4-32 players. 

What is a Megagame?

Megagames are large social games involving multiple teams of players. The subject matter can range from politics, economics, history, science fiction, or heroic fantasy. Much of what goes on in a megagame might be described as social play – though there is also a significant element of problem solving, strategy, negotiation, and, of course, humor.

What is a Mega Board Game?​

A Mega Board Game is a combination hybrid between a Megagame, board game and an RPG. Unlike a traditional MegaGame or RPG, a Mega Board Game has specific rules and guidelines to play within and there are also defined winners of the game as well. 

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