The End is Near!

Thousands of years before recorded history, when man was still infantile, the eternal powers protected Earth with the consent of the gods. When those gods saw mankind mistreat the world, though, the deities saw fit to create two horrific punishments: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and da Vinci's inventions. These ungodly forces on Earth chime the resounding gong of the end of days, and now only an expedition dispatched by the E.O.P. can prevent the Apocalypse from destroying our world.

This expansion pack includes three great scenarios and the giant Journey to the Tomb tile, each adding great gameplay and immersive stories that will thrill your senses. Will you survive the plagues of Egypt and escape the grasp of Death himself? Can your team undo the prophecy and make their own fate in a race against the Four Horsemen? Will you recover the secret to da Vinci’s greatest invention—and greatest mistake—in order to stop the dead from rising and destroying humankind?

The Great Apocalypse (Expansion 2)


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