September 22nd, 1935: “We’ve been successfully completing expeditions to the Tomb for generations, however in all of my years of experience, I’ve never witnessed challenges like these!. I’ve been to the Tomb more than anyone else, and I’ve survived more than you could imagine; from supernatural otherworldly beings of awe-striking power, to power hungry fascists, to beasts of myth and stories of old. I’ve held in my hands priceless artifacts, as well as the heads of my dying brothers and sisters. We were given a mission, one that we felt confident we could achieve. But when we got to the Tomb ... Nothing could have prepared us for what happened next...”

Mission Briefing: The previous quote was taken from a
veteran adventurer that attempted an elite mission...
Proceed with caution!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions, adds a whole new level of depth and challenge to the already Epic experience. Fun to play and simple to add!

The Elite Missions (Expansion 4)

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