Carpe Diem and Vae Victis Brothers and Sisters of the Order!

For thousands of years Fate has had a plan for you. As a member of the Eternal Order of Perseus you know your destiny has been written… your path chosen. You are tied to the of ones who came before… you’re A Bastion of Hope… A Beacon in the Darkness... an Ender of Doom, a Saver of Souls, you are Fate’s Crusader… you’re on a quest… and you’re the one who can sense what needs to be done to reach your true potential.

Fate can not be chosen, it is set and those who fight against fate betray their destiny… if destiny is betrayed then your quest becomes tainted and you may become a Traitor!

In Secrets of the Lost Tomb: Fate's Fortune, as you explore the Tomb, each adventurer will begin the game with a Fate Card sending you on a secret quest, that upon completion, unlocks your Adventurer’s True Power! On the back of each Adventurer Sheet, there is now a unique Ascended Adventurer with their own Unique Equipment Card, Upgraded Attributes, Abilities, and Courage Track! In addition, all Ascended Adventurers have their own unique alternate artwork and standee, rewarding the player’s successful completion of their quest!

But be warned, some of these quests can optionally be “Traitor Quests”, when this player completes their quest a harsh crisis will fall upon the other Adventurers as the newly revealed Traitor turns on their former friends and joins the side of Evil in the active scenario.

Are you brave enough to fight for your future... are you prepared to meet your destiny when faced with… Fate’s Fortune?



Fate's Fortune (Expansion 5)


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