Lost City... Discovered!

Welcome to the deepest and most secret parts of the lost Tomb! After millennia, the forgotten location of the Lost City of Atlantis has finally been recovered. The ley lines—supernatural, invisible tracks of magic that circumnavigate the globe—have been deciphered. They have led you and your team to a place that this generation has never before laid eyes upon. The Lost City of Atlantis, the fourth level of the Tomb, is now unlocked, and with it come the legend, the mystery, and the answers to why and how the Tomb moves throughout the planes. Atlantis holds the key to restoring cosmic peace: with luck, you’ll find a way to repair the malfunctioning Antikythera Mechanism, stopping the terrible monsters from materializing inside of the Tomb for good!

As you explore the deepest parts of the Tomb, you will also discover the Apex, the highest part of the Tomb. Venture forth into the mystical Tomb’s Eye—also known as Medusa’s Meridian—the large pyramid atop the str

Atlantis: Mystery of the 13 (Tile Expansion 2)


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