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A Statement from Everything Epic

June 2020

Black Lives Matter.

We of the gaming industry as well as we of Everything Epic need to do better. As always, we have strived to represent all races and types of people in our games, and we will redouble our efforts in a continuation to do so. Additionally, we are committed to grow our team, partners, backed projects on Kickstarter, game designers, and more to include more diverse points of view and voices. We at Everything Epic stand for equality and justice here in the United States of America and across the world. We stand with all those who struggle for their own equality and their justice and we will not only say that here, but we will show that through our current and future actions.

Standing With You,

Christopher Batarlis

President, Everything Epic

"Of the Gamer, By the Gamer, and For the Gamer."

#BLM #BlackLivesMatter

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